About Thai Massage

What Is Thai Massage?

Thai massage is so much more that just another massage modality, it is truly a way of life. This is because in Thailand, practitioners are considered part of the traditional medical system and study Thai massage their whole lives in order to better understand and assist in healing the human body. Another important aspect of Thai massage is the integration of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellness that is a considered integral for both the practitioner and the client. This makes Thai massage the most valuable modality you likely ever be exposed to.

When you study Thai massage with me, I am most concerned with teaching you in this traditional fashion, giving you techniques and knowledge that are beneficial to both you and clients. You will find in your studies that you are able to learn in layers, adding each new skill to the others and then bringing them into practice. With each lesson, you will be building a better massage treatments and a deeper understanding of how to best help your clients without losing sight of your own wellness.

Beginning Thai massage training shouldn't be taken lightly, in order to truly learn requires dedication, focus, and lots of practice. In this way, studying Thai massage is similar to learning martial arts, it is a discipline that you will take with you for the rest of life. One thing to consider is there is truly no ceiling to this avenue of study because there will always be more to learn and the ability to grow more in your knowledge and understanding of the human body. This is truly a gem for students who wish to continue to grow as massage practitioners and healers.

Why Study Thai Massage?

Thai massage is an incredibly valuable modality for massage therapists. It has the ability to positively impact your massage career in ways that help you become a more effective and efficient practitioner. By learning about traditional Thai massage you will learn skills that allow you to:

- Gain techniques that make your massage work a piece of cake.
In Thai massage, everything is about making massage sessions easy to apply with little or no strain to the practitioner. This means no more struggling to apply deep pressure even with your most difficult clients.

- Create more balanced massage sessions for you and your clients.
Thai massage is focused on systemic treatment, we work on "resetting" each area of the client's body for whole body wellness. We also use our entire body to perform the massage (including knees and feet!), making our work more beneficial and healthier for us as practitioners.

- Offer longer massage treatments.
With longer sessions, you will need to see less clients each month to achieve the same amount of income. Less time transitioning, less clients, and increased income all lead to a more successful massage practice.

- Perform more dynamic massage treatments.
With adding skills like; joint mobilization, stretching, knowledge of energy movement, proper breathing, meditation skills, and more - your massage treatments are going to be better than ever before. You will quickly find that clients will be clamoring to get on your schedule as your Thai massage sessions gets them incredible results.

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