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If you're like most of my readers, you're already a massage therapist or bodyworker. You're focused on a career based on compassion and improving lives through massage therapy.

It's easy to get discouraged though, to lose sight of your true purpose. Often we fall into focusing on more superficial aspects of our business and career like making money and getting clients. Or run into issues that stop us from moving forward in our careers like poor body mechanics, massage burnout, or lack of income.

I completely understand this, I've been there myself.

The way to overcome these obstacles is now right at your fingertips, I can show you the way to creating a practice that supports the good health and wellness of both you and your clients. It's my deepest desire to use my experiences and knowledge to guide you to envisioning and achieving your ideal massage career.

That's why I created this Thai Massage Training program.

Through my own exploration of massage therapy, lifestyle medicine, and healing, I was able to learn and apply some of the most fundamental principles of becoming a wellness practitioner through learning traditional Thai massage & Thai medicine. For me, it was the missing piece in my massage training that I spent years searching for.

Through this site, I can mentor you in aspects of your career that you have likely barely touched on or never even heard of in your initial massage training. I will warn you though, this program and teachings are incredibly transformative. With some mindful guidance you will be embarking on a life-changing journey that will take you from being a simple massage therapist to a wellness practitioner that has the ability to improve the lives of every single client that you touch.

I invite you to join me in studying the art and practice of traditional Thai massage and Thai medicine.


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